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We are a Horizontal Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) providing significant economic advantage for a broad group of member companies by negotiating best-practice service, quality, business process, and national contract pricing – leveraging the purchasing power of the entire group. This allows each independent member company access to master contracts and direct high-service ‘National Account’ supplier relationships which are usually reserved for the largest global organizations.

Great Hertz discounts for ThePurchasingDept members!

Great Hertz discounts for ThePurchasingDept members!

Our members save money and enjoy world class customer service from each of our partner suppliers.  Learn more about the products and services we have combined under our group purchasing umbrella.

ThePurchasingDept Helps Organizations In Many Industries

Our members create a wide variety of products and services and our purchasing power and expertise enable them to focus on what they do well.  Our services have been particularly helpful to members in these categories:

We can help any business reduce costs and improve the bottom line.  Click here to see all of our services.

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