The Category in Brief

Running out of paper in the printer is never fun.  Yet, the last thing anyone wants to waste time on is purchasing paper and other Office/Facility supplies.  We also find it is best to align Logo/Corporate Identity supplies in this category as well.  The category is almost entirely “non-strategic” and difficult to manage.

The Challenges for Buyers

Office/Facility Supplies and Furniture is a category best provided by a high service supplier who can minimize internal operating costs.  It is a complex activity, but usually represents a small expenditure for most organizations.  This complexity can be frustrating for the administrative staff assigned to manage the category.


As in many other categories, mid-sized companies have less leverage than their largest competitors.  That leverage is further reduced by the prominence of a small number of big vendors.  That leads to “margin creep” from suppliers.  Buyers often face item and pack-size substitutions, frequent “industry” price increases and Fuel/Delivery surcharges.  Those practices make successful category management difficult and frustrating.

TPDgroup Can Help

We have established a contract that gives our members the authority of a large national customer.   The contract also provides free NEXT DAY delivery, nationwide coverage and covers rest room, break room and office cleaning supplies.  Our partnership includes a standard discount on more than 30,000 items and online ordering.  Best of all, our members can create their own “approved materials” list for purchasing ease.

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