Save Money – Focus On Your Mission

Non-profit mission-focusedPurchasing represents a significant challenge for nonprofit organizations.  They take time and energy away from mission focused activities.  Most organizations value convenience over cost-savings.  That leads to higher prices and a drain on limited resources. ThePurchasingDept puts the purchasing power usually reserved for the largest organizations into the hands of all nonprofit organizations.  We let you keep your attention on mission while keeping your operating expenses low and your suppliers’ service levels high.

Outstanding Service And Low Prices

ThePurchasingDept is a Horizontal Group Purchasing Organization providing significant savings for a broad group of member organizations by negotiating best in class product and service agreements with national contract pricing – leveraging the purchasing power of the entire group. We give each independent member access to master contracts and direct high-service ‘National Account’ supplier relationships that are usually reserved for the largest global organizations.

Our members save money and enjoy world-class customer service from each of our partner suppliers.  Learn more about the products and services we have combined under our group purchasing umbrella.

Many Solutions – Under One Umbrella

ThePurchasingDept has negotiated contracts that cover the most frequently-used categories for non-profits.  Our contracts include partners in these categories:

Let Us Help You Focus On Your Mission

ThePurchasingDept has helped organizations of all sizes gain control of their costs and keep their focus squarely on their core services.  Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization.