The Category In Brief

When a business accepts a credit card, a number of steps move the money into the business’s bank account. First the card information is captured.  The device then sends the card data, the business’s information and the specific transaction data to that business’s acquirer (The company that supports the business’s merchant account.)  The acquirer then sends that information to the card issuer (Visa or MasterCard) who checks the specific account for available funds at the card-issuing bank.

At the end of the day, a business makes a settlement request to their acquirer who then sends that request to Visa and MasterCard, who then send it to the card-issuing banks.  The card-issuing banks then deduct the money from the card-holders, and pays the acquirer, who then pays the business.

The Challenges For Buyers

Payment processing is rapidly evolving with new rules and technical requirements on an ongoing basis.  For most merchants, payments are provided through resellers (ISOs or banks) who do not own the processing systems.  This disconnect causes merchants significant time and money in mark-ups, delayed or inadequate reporting, unnecessary and deceptive fees and ineffective issue-resolution.

TPDgroup Can Help

TPDgroup has partnered with leading providers of payment processing services.  They were selected for their award-winning service and proven technology.  With our partners, members have a single source for payments, reporting, charge-backs, training and technical assistance.  All services are provided in-house, in the USA.

Here are a few of the benefits our members enjoy in our partnerships:

  • Hard and soft cost savings
  • Complete fee transparency – Interchange plus pricing only
  • Contract – standard member contracts maximize flexibility
  • Customized solutions – vendor selected based upon members specific needs
  • Superior service – dedicated account representation for all members
  • Monitoring – ongoing analysis of all member processing activity

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