Group participation is voluntary, there are no volume requirements, and participants pay no transaction fees. Participants buy directly from our strategic contract suppliers using our heavily discounted master agreements, enjoying National Account service standards.

New participants can achieve savings within minutes of joining TPDGroup. We take each new user through our Benchmark Opportunity Analysis (BOA) in each applicable category.  This simple review gives new users the ability to quickly apply our best-in-class purchasing practices and begin realizing significant long-term savings.  During the Benchmark Opportunity Analysis we review purchasing history, pricing and supplier delivery performance.  We use that information to identify the optimal supplier contracts and calculate the expected savings.

Participants keep ALL of the savings calculated during the BOA process.  Our contracts require our suppliers to pay TPDGroup a rebate – usually between 1% and 3% of collected proceeds.   We pass all the benefits of our negotiating power on to the users of the service.

TPDGroup Helps Organizations In Many Industries

Our purchasing power and expertise enable participating companies to focus on what they do well.  The services TPDGroup provides have been particularly helpful to members in these categories:


We can help any business reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

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