The Category in Brief

The Digital office equipment category includes copiers, printers, facsimile equipment, and postage meters – and also includes management and outsourcing services.  The largest user category is major financial institutions. Other large users are small and mid-sized businesses and government agencies.

The Challenges For Buyers

The Copier and Printer industry has always been a minefield for buyers.  The industry has a well-deserved reputation for hard-selling tactics and indecipherable contracts.  Whether it is the purchase price, the financing costs, maintenance agreements or the ongoing supply costs, navigating the maze of copier/printer costs is difficult even for the most experienced purchasing agents.

Another challenge facing users of digital office equipment is the increasing complexity of these devices.  More and more copiers and printers are network-enabled, making them as much IT peripherals as they are traditional off-line office equipment.  Often, facility managers who have had responsibility for these devices in the past are struggling to keep up with the complexity and having to rely more and more heavily on IT departments.

TPDgroup Can Help

TPDgroup is proud of our partnership with leaders in advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop.  These partners offer advanced software solutions, wide-format printers, microform digital imaging systems, and scanning systems for specialized applications.

Here are a few of the benefits our members enjoy in our partnerships:

  • An average of more than 25% savings
  • No minimums or maximums.
  • No ‘base’ service fee.
  • Our corporate service contracts includes EVERYTHING except the paper and the electricity to run the machine.

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